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TrustLogo™ vs site seals - the next generation of site seals

Every Comodo TrustLogo™ provides verifiable and undeniable proof of security.  Website visitors demand proof that a site is secure from threats. Until now, site seals were the answer, but they did nothing more than just sit there to be seen. Comodo has taken site seals to the next level by giving them the functionality to prove to visitors that they are, indeed, working…and working hard. Comodo offers three distinct versions of our TrustLogo™; Corner of Trust (COT), HackerGuardian certification for a hacker free website, and a Credit Card TrustLogo™ confirming your trustworthiness to take credit card details online.

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Corner of Trust Hacker Guardian Credit Card

About Comodo TrustLogo™

TrustLogo™ does something that, until now, was nonexistent with ordinary site seals; it visually verifies the trust between a website and its visitors. No clicking, no flashing or flickering; the visitor only has to roll their mouse over it, giving rise to the term “point to verify™”. Identity assurance is up-to-the-second with a unique feedback facility. Website owners can see for themselves just how many visitors demanded this powerful verification.

Other exclusive features and benefits:

  • Domain-wide floating logo (COT only): The Corner of Trust’s unique java-based design doesn't interfere with the design of the site. It scrolls along with the viewer, compromising no valuable real estate
  • Increased conversion: TrustLogo™ creates trust among your visitors immediately because it offers verification of your credentials without disruptive offsite clicking
  • Active reporting: see for yourself just how many site visitors demanded your authenticity
  • Content Verification Certification: the technology that makes TrustLogo™ unspoofable because your customers can mouse over the TrustLogo™ to verify its authenticity and immediately exposing faked seals from the legitimate ones.
  • Credit Card TrustLogo™ - HackerGuardian PCI Scan Compliancy, confirming your status as a trustworthy merchant authorized to take credit card information. 
  • HackerGuardian TrustLogo™ - HackerGuardian Daily Vulnerability Scanning, certifying your site is free from hackers. 
  • Corner of Trust TrustLogo™ - a high assurance SSL certificate. 

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